Are Shemales real?

I get this question quite a bit. Are she-males real? This may strike you as a silly question, but actually it's not. There are lots of people who have never come in contact with an actual she-male. The fact is, statistically, 1 in 40000 people are she-males. Which means, you'd have to come into contact with 40000 people to meet a real life shemale.

   So the question  "Are shemales real"  is a valid one. The answer is yes. She-males are real. They're as real as you and I. I think the reason people ask themselves this, is because they see a beautiful woman, some are stunning really, and they just can't believe she used to be a man. So they assume there's photo-shopping involved or what not. Sure, there are some photos of she-males online that are fakes. But most are not. They're very real.

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  I hope this answers your question "Are she-males real?'  and gives you a better understanding on the subject.